Wednesday, January 28, 2015

[demo] Prods from GCWDDI

Finally the video captures from the Global Convention of Worldwide Demo Developers, Inc. have started to roll in. Well, actually they appeared a few days ago already, but I failed to notice since I gave up checking daily a while ago. Aaaanyway... here we go. Might as well post them all, except "Part Deux" by Evolution, which has still not been capped (if it actually isn't vaporware altogether).

There was only one compo at this ominous Atari party, with some pretty restrictive rules. Prods had to be coded within 48 hours iirc, and could use only one bitplane.

1st place: Baby, instant soup doesn't really grab me by KÜA and Reservoir Gods, for Atari STe

Download and discuss

Tied for 2nd: Remote Entry #2 by Spice Boys, for Atari ST

Download and discuss

Tied for 2nd:  Who Made You Judge Judy And Executioner? by Excellence in Art, for Atari STe

My favourite prod from the compo.
Download and discuss

4th place: A few dots by SPKR, for Atari ST

Download and discuss

The captures were provided by STEve, who recently set up a neat Atari themed blog at

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