Friday, August 26, 2016

[demo] Line Feed by Defence Force

A demo for the Oric? Now that's something you don't see every... wait what? It's not for the Oric computer, you say? Oh, wow, it's for the Oric MPC40 line printer! Now, while line printers might be counted as one of the oldest demo platforms around, it's always refreshing to see someone give it a try, and needless to say, it's an art that's become super-rare in our days. Second place in the wild compo at Solskogen, by the way.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

[album] Tufty's 1-Bit Mechanistic Now Available as CD/Musicdisk

Tufty's magic ZX Spectrum beeper album is now available on CD. So head over to the bandcamp page and grab one while they last!

Also, you can now enjoy these 1-bit classics in musicdisk format (or rather, musictape), to be run on actual ZX Spectrum hardware. Coded by yours truly ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

[demo] Ancient Wonderworld's Amiga Summer Favourites

Round two of clearing the backlog of great demos that have been released in the recent months. Today, I'll be taking a look at 3 of my favourite new Amigaaaaaaaaa demos.

Exhibit A: "Omnimetatheorem", a very solid 64k intro for Amiga AGA by Software Failure. While the "transparent polygon" effect is nothing new on AGA, the facts that this is a 64k AND was put together by a single person (ham) makes it worthwhile. Second place in Euskal's combined intro compo.


So you think you need AGA to do threeedeeee? Well, have a look at "e255" by Bomb, Sanity, and Dreamdealers, then. This demo for the classic Amiga 500 (with harddrive support, 1MB chipram, and 1.5MB slowram, though a final version for lower specs has been promised) is not just pretty impressive in terms of it's code, but is also fresh-looking and super stylish. Well-deserved first place at Evoke's "alternative demo" compo.


Last but by no means least, I've got another AGA prod here. This one is by no other than the mighty Ephidrena, making a comeback after 4 years of absence from the scene. Well-paced, timeless visuals, superb music, and first place at Solskogen's oldskool demo compo, here's "Neonsky".


Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Sizecoding Wiki

Several legendary figures from the MS-DOS and sizecoding scenes got together to bring you, a wiki about x86 sizecoding.

I've only delved into it a little bit, but from what I've seen I can say that there's already a wealth of information there, and it's extremely well presented. Plenty of good stuff both for size-coding beginners and advanced x86 cracks can be found.

My only hope is that eventually some content about sizecoding on non-x86 platforms will be added. Well, seems anyone can sign up for an account there, so it's possible... In any case, massive props to trixter, HellMood, and qkumba for this excellent project!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

[album] DUBCTR by Goto80

A new, interactive A/V release by Goto80, with cody by 4mat and pixel art by ilkke. Also includes a load of remixes, appearently. This release comes in a unique format - as a cartridge for the C64, that is. Unfortunately the cart is already sold out two days after it's release, so for the time being your only choice is to enjoy the beautiful, quirky and diverse audio-visual treat on bandcamp. Btw the bc page includes video captures, so head over there rather than simply relying on the embed below.

SNDH Archive v4.6 Released

A new version of the SNDH Atari ST music collection is out. A whooping 345 new tunes have been added, including some high-class material by Quartet, gwEm, and 505, as well as Mad Max' legendary "Bittner" tune.

Grab it at!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

[demo] Darkweb, speaCore, and FireWave 16b by Desire

Ok, time for an attempt to start digging through the massive backlog of great demoscene productions that have stacked up over the course of the recent months so far.

I'll make a start by looking at HellMood's latest MS-DOS size-coding works. HellMood seems to have taken a liking to the humble PC Speaker lately, which of course yields some massive bonus points from me.

First up, we have "speaCore", a digital XTC trip in 128 bytes. Now here's your summer hit!


Happyness overload anyone? Well, then have a look at "Darkweb" instead. This 32-byter certainly lives up to it's sinister name.


32 bytes? Man, screw this bloatware... 16 bytes should be enough for anyone. Exhibit 3: FireWave 16b.


Lofi Techno Jam #1 by Pulselooper

Here we have Pulselooper looping some pulses again... this time, he squeezes out an awesome 26 minute dark techno live set made with a GBA SP running Nanoloop 2.7, and a Teenage Engineering PO-12. The perfect sum... oh wait, it's winter in Brazil right now.

Lossless audio is up for grabs on

Also, this is the 600th post here on Ancient Wonderworld, yay!

Friday, August 12, 2016

[album] Neon Dreams by Dya

A very lovely debut release from Dya, ranging from super-chill and layed-back to highly energetic. VGM-inspired music with a twist.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[album] Toxic Chicken - Escape

This one couldn't be more different from the one from the previous post. Toxic Chicken is once again spreading warmth and happiness to the world with his new release, "Escape". I heavily recommend you partake in the joyous journey of this unique and kind hum... err I mean galline being.

The album is up for free on bandcamp, so grab it before the downloads run out!

[album] ODOS 55 LP

Wow, seems clickrates are up by 150% since I last posted something on here! I should take a break from posting more often... just kidding.

To make up for the lack of posts lately, I've got two great new summer releases here that need some love. First, one from the dark side. ΟΔΟΣ 55 (Route 55) are a sci-fi/synth punk band from Athens which has been around for a few years now. So far, they've grown on me with every album they put out, and their new LP (untitled like all their releases) is my absolute favourite yet. Once again, they paint a dystopian view of the future that is at least as pitch-black as the cover suggests. Too bad the limited editon vinyl is already listed as sold-out on eirkti records.