Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Crazy Demo Maker

Do you miss the good old days of crappy demo makers? Well, now you can take a trip down memory lane! Russian coder nyuk has created an online tool so simple in usage, everybody can make their own ZX Spectrum craptros with it in minutes. Enter the Crazy Demo Maker.

Since the manpage is available only in Russian, here's a few pointers:

PT2/PT3 music needs a music file, obviously. Grab one from zxtunes, or make your own (eg. with Vortex Tracker)

Splash file is the load/title screen. Takes a standard 6912 byte .scr file that you can create with ZX Paintbrush, for example.

Background is, well, the background image for the main part. Upload another 6912 byte .scr file here.

The GIF file, from which an animation will be created, must be a black and white animated gif with 256 by 192 pixels. It should have a maximum size of 40kb. If the compiler throws a "Too long source! Demo can not be compiled!!!!" error at you, try reducing the gif file size and/or frame rate setting.

The rest should be pretty self explanatory. Happy demomaking ;)

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