Wednesday, July 9, 2014

[book] Shift-Restore-Escape - Now on Presale

More stuff in German, yikes! Shift - Restore - Escape is a collection of essays and papers on computer archeology, based on a series of talks by the same name, held in 2012 at the Humboldt-University in Berlin.

Highlights include papers on Atari VCS demo programming by SvOllie; the multitasking Z80 SymbOS by Jörn Mika; the making of TEXOR, a word processor for the GDR computer KC-85 and one of the earliest word processors around by IT veteran Horst Völz, and many more. Furthermore, there's an article written by yours truly, on the history of chiptune and 1-bit music in particular. The full list of contents can be found on the editor's blog.

So, if you happen to speak some German, don't hesitate to preorder the book now from CSW Verlag.

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