Thursday, August 18, 2016

[demo] Darkweb, speaCore, and FireWave 16b by Desire

Ok, time for an attempt to start digging through the massive backlog of great demoscene productions that have stacked up over the course of the recent months so far.

I'll make a start by looking at HellMood's latest MS-DOS size-coding works. HellMood seems to have taken a liking to the humble PC Speaker lately, which of course yields some massive bonus points from me.

First up, we have "speaCore", a digital XTC trip in 128 bytes. Now here's your summer hit!


Happyness overload anyone? Well, then have a look at "Darkweb" instead. This 32-byter certainly lives up to it's sinister name.


32 bytes? Man, screw this bloatware... 16 bytes should be enough for anyone. Exhibit 3: FireWave 16b.


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