Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[album] ODOS 55 LP

Wow, seems clickrates are up by 150% since I last posted something on here! I should take a break from posting more often... just kidding.

To make up for the lack of posts lately, I've got two great new summer releases here that need some love. First, one from the dark side. ΟΔΟΣ 55 (Route 55) are a sci-fi/synth punk band from Athens which has been around for a few years now. So far, they've grown on me with every album they put out, and their new LP (untitled like all their releases) is my absolute favourite yet. Once again, they paint a dystopian view of the future that is at least as pitch-black as the cover suggests. Too bad the limited editon vinyl is already listed as sold-out on eirkti records.

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