Friday, August 29, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Teletext40 Looking for Submissions

Teletext40, a website dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the teletext (yes, it's this year, coming up in September), is looking for art submissions. See page 102 and up (mind the subpages!) for details.

A dedicated editor is to be released soon on-site, until then you can use CebraText, miniTED, or just a plain ol' graphics editor. And if you're too lazy to draw something yourself, you can also send them a photo of your cat. LOL! See page 150 and up for more info on that.

And even if you're not intersted in submitting at all, I'd still recommend to take a look at the site, it's obviously done with a lot of care and love for detail.

Monday, August 25, 2014

[demo] Small men with old devices by SquoQuo

Rather boring Atari 8-bit intro, but it has some sweet POKEY music by 505. The prod even got 1st place at Buenzli's combined 64/4k compo.

Download and info

Beep: Game Music Documentary Kickstarter

A kickstarter is currently underway to create the world's first documentary on the sound and music of video games. The main initiator behind this is Karen Collins, a well known researcher on chip and game music. So chances are that this will be a quality product, and I therefore recommend backing the project.

Read details on the Kickstarter page.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

[album] TTFHB - Serious Musician

Do you remember the times when I used to post some chill out music on Sundays? Well, not today mwahahaha... Behold, the new EP from The Tin Foil Hat Brigade. Just by looking at the cover art you should be able to tell that that you can't pass by this Gameboy trash punk masterpiece.

There's a limited run of 50 cassettes available, so check the bandcamp page if you'd like one.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spectrum Today Issue 00 Now Available in English

Issue 00 of the new Speccy-related PDF magazine Spectrum Today has been translated to English. The original Slovak language version came out in May, so the contents are still reasonably fresh.

Put together by ellvis of zeroteam, the mag is an excellent read. Originally, I wanted to just quickly browse through it before posting about it here, but ended up reading the whole thing because it's just so well written and put together.

On 28 tightly packed pages, Spectrum Today covers mainly a lot of the great recent game releases which I somehow never get around to reviewing here. It also looks a bit into the demoscene, and has a very nice section on programming aimed mostly at beginners.

Download Issue 00

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lotus (Amiga OST) in 1-Bit

4throck brings you this beautiful 1-bit/Tritone rendition of the Lotus 1 Amiga OST.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

[album] Intergalactic Nomad by Tronimal

Some fresh, dark DMG tunes from Wuppertal, the hotspot of German chiptune. The strongest release by Tronimal yet, this not only demonstrates how to do Gameboy dance music the right way, but also contains some beautiful chip ballads with vocals. Includes a contribution by Tom Woxom, and samples by little-scale and yours truly.

Chippendales Discography Released on Soundcloud

No, it's not what you're thinking. Chippendales was an chipmusic collective that was active in 1999-2000, producing some of the finest tunes ever on the Amiga. The group consisted of Zandax, Chavez, Beathawk, Vent, Abaddon, Goto80, Curt Cool, and Tempest. Unfortunately they disbanded quickly after legal threats over the name, and realizing that few people cared about their music in that time. In Tempest's words,
"Back then chipmusic was very unfashionable and - to be honest - nobody in the demoscene gave a shit about what we were doing. We were almost 10 years too late for Amiga scene (demo/intro packs, crack intros etc), and 10 years too early for the current chipmusic craze."
A pity, really. Fortunately, the music has been preserved, and now, 14 years later, the group has released their discography as a soundcloud set. Thanks guys!

See for the playlists. The original MOD files can be found here.