Monday, January 30, 2017

[tool] Polyanna - New C64/SID Tracker with Virtual Polyphony

The legendary Aleksi Eeben has released a new tracker for the Commodore 64. Polyanna supports an astonishing 5 virtual channels on top of the SID's 3 regular ones. Unfortunately it works on old (6581) SIDs only. Nevertheless, I think this is a fantastic achievement. Folks at Demobit seemed to agree, since Polyanna took second place in the wild compo. Haven't tried the tracker myself yet, but the interface looks nice and clean, and knowing Mr. Eeben's work, I'm pretty sure usage will be rather intuitive.

CSDB release page


  1. 'old sid only', 'unfortunately'... I can image there will be some C64 old-sid-fans disagreeing on that one ;)

    1. Hehe, true that. However most musicians prefer the new chip, due to the notorious unreliability of the filters across different hw revisions of the old chip. Well, who knows, Polyanna might actually work on new chips with digi fix applied, at least.