Monday, October 31, 2016

[demo] Lunatico by lft

Fantastic new C64 demo by the legendary lft, which took the 2nd place at X Party. It's not just that the graphics, music, and effects are all top notch - I have rarely ever seen such a coherently styled production on the C64. And yes, all code, graphics, and music in this double-disk demo are made by a single person.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

[album] Dot Matrix Machiavelli by Plain Flavored

Plain Flavored has got some fresh Gameboy bleeps out. Dark, melodic, break-ish material makes for a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Soviet InterNyet

Victor M. Glushkov

Benjamin Peters, professor of communications at Tulsa University, has published an extremely interesting essay titled "The Soviet InterNyet". The article outlines the Soviet efforts of constructing a nationwide computer network under the name OGAS (All-State Automated System for the Gathering and Processing of Information for the Accounting, Planning, and Governance of the National Economy). OGAS would have been a worthy rival to the United States' ARPANET, but due to resistance from Soviet party apparatchiks (and to the great disappointment of the mastermind behind the project, Victor M. Glushkov, pictured above), it never materialized.

Monday, October 17, 2016

[album] Unknown Command by Dr. Zilog

What? There's a new Dr. Zilog album out since June and I've missed it completely? This is outrage! Been a huge fan of this guy ever since his massive debut "The Satellite of Love" back in 2007.

And I'm happy to say that he really outdid himself with this one. "Unknown Command" is, in my opinion, his best work so far. Chipmetal at it's finest, check it out (and buy the tape)!

Version Check Is Back

One month later and Google still hasn't restored those link lists it destroyed in a recent Blogger update. So I've finally resurrected the chiptracker version check by hand. Also took the opportunity to update a few things that had fallen under the table - SNES GSS link now redirects to a backup github repository since the original Google Code project page is gone, Schism Tracker now links to the in-development branch rather than the outdated 2012 release, and the one and only cross-platform TED music editor knaecketraecker is finally listed.

Next thing to be restored is the blog roll, hopefully I'll get around to that soon.

[demo] broken sun by Desire

It's autumn and the leaves pixels are turning yellow, orange, and red... Props to HellMood for bringing us these lovely seasonal greetings in 64 bytes.


Monday, October 10, 2016

[demo] Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by louigi

Y'all must be missing your fix of demos here on Ancient Wonderworld, no? Ok, so here's a demo... that isn't a demo. First place at Deadline's animation compo for a reason, hehehe...


[album] The Essay that took too long to write by TheOfficialLobst

Dug out this lovely little bag of ModPlug treats from chiptune newcomer TheOfficialLobst on Soundcloud. It may have some rough edges here and there, but overall it's well worth a listen, I think.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Version Check and Link List Broken

You may have noticed that the tracker version check and "IP recommends" lists have mysteriously disappeared. Rest assured that this is not intentional. Supposedly the disappearance is caused by a bug introduced by a recent update of the Blogger software, and supposedly Google is working hard to fix it, though they sure are taking their time with it. Well, at least they don't claim it's a feature, like Soundcloud did with Groups.

Anyway, I'll wait a few more days to see if this gets fixed, not really in the mood to rebuild these lists by hand.

[album] Treasure Buster OST by Norrin_Radd

Staying on the topic of game soundtracks, here's a new one from Norrin_Radd, comprised of a massive onslaught of highly energetic tunes in (accurately emulated) Sega Genesis/Megadrive FM style. Blast processing!

[album] Pururnmi OST by Kulor

New Kulor album, horray! This is the soundtrack for an unfinished platformer game that Kulor was working on from 2006-2012. The XM soundtrack, which is based an imaginary sound chip configuration, has survived however. And now we can finally enjoy these joyful, cosy tunes as a proper album release.