Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[album] VA - Turntnes (Hexawe Compo Pack)

Recently LPGT aka Little Piggy Tracker celebrated it's 10th anniversary, and of course Hexawe partied hard with a massive NES-flavoured competition. Now results have been announced, and the compo pack has been released. As usual, pack is a pleasantly varied mix ranging from dance to noise, and lives up to it's legendary predecessor dunknesfunk. I'm especially pleased to see many LPGT veterans return, such as XC3N, ovrthrustr, Peter Swimm, ovenrake, d_strct (ex e.s.c.), and even the mighty Flashbob! Though right now my favourite track from the compo is "hexamerica" by Pulselooper.

Read more about the compo and download the compo pack here.

Update: Now also available on bandcamp in a slightly remastered edition.

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