Saturday, July 25, 2015

1tracker Updated

Today is a great day! Well, for me at least. And why is that? Because Shiru has just released a new version of my all-time favourite music editor. Low and behold, 1tracker 0.19 is here, just in time for the 1-Bit Forum Contest.

That in itself is a huge surprise, since Shiru declared he had abandoned the project two years. But what's even better, the new release finally contains the incredibly powerful Phaser2 ZX Spectrum beeper engine, which was so far not available in any editor at all. Another pleasant addition is the Stocker engine, which so far could only be used via a Vortex Tracker converter.

Well then, see ya later folks, I've got some 1trackering to do...

Update 15-07-30: 1tracker has been updated again and now contains a new, mindblowingly powerful engine called Phaser3.

download 1tracker 0.20 .exe
download source

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