Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Breaking Baud by CRTC and 3LN

Wow, an insane amount of new oldschool demos has been released at Revision last weekend. So I think I'll take a break from Daily Dosis this week, and instead post my personal favorites from the party. So, off we go with Ancient Wonderworld's Revision revision!

First up, an absolutely unique production by CRTC and 3LN, which placed 2nd in the oldschool compo. "Breaking Baud" is a tape loader demo for the Amstrad CPC and compatibles. Everything you see and hear is loaded from tape and unpacked to memory in realtime.

Unfortunately this Youtube render does not contain the tape loading sounds, which actually fit nicely with the rest of the music imo. So, to get the full picture, check out the live version, or even better, download the real thing and run it on real hardware or an emulator of your choice.

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