Wednesday, October 7, 2015

[soft] TEDzakker 1.0 Released

As much as I like my own tracker, I can't hide the fact that another awesome music editor was released very recently. Hermit of SIDwizard fame proudly presents you TEDzakker, a tracker for the Commodore 264 series. It features a custom driver to achieve effects previously unheard on the TED chip.

From the release notes:
  • 6 different player-types for different needs and rastertimes/sizes
  • TED sound emulation on SID for C64 version
  • HerMIDI MIDI-interface support (notes can be played, instruments can be selected)
  • short 1ms whitenoise can be enabled for instruments (crisp soundstarts)
  • SYNC and PHASE between the two channels, possible to create ringmod or PWM-like sounds
  • bass sounds deeper than A2=108Hz by utilizing 'noiseloop'
  • note-volume fade-in/out in instrument-tables to create volume-envelopes
  • different mixing modes to map the virtual volumes of channels to shared volume
  • normal/incremental vibrato, balanced vibrato/slide-speed strength in lower octaves
  • Instrument load/save support (each instrument has its own individual table)
  • Runnable and playable tunes can be exported directly from TEDzakker editor just like workfiles
  • Built-in cheatsheet and built-in tutorial/example-tune for all player-types
The latest version can be downloaded here.
For further discussion, see the release page on csdb.

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