Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Warning: Tablets + Retro Gear = Bad Idea

An important message to all retro fans who also like hi-tech gadgets: Tablets contain magnets.

German IT news site has published a report (in German) of a user destroying the hard drive in his notebook by putting an Nvidia Tegra Note 7 on it. The magnets in the device are supposedly strong enough to hold the 335 gram device suspended from above.

According to, the Tegra has especially strong magnets, but other tablets exhibit the problem as well. Biotronik, an implant producer, has also warned that people with an artificial cardiac pacemaker should make sure to keep at distance from tablets.

So, the message is clear: Keep your tablets away from floppies, tapes, and other devices sensible to magnetism.

1 comment:

  1. Oh noes! I store my gadgets together (tablet, external hd, camera.....). Thanks for the warning!

    Just wondering what would be a good solution to the problem; any material blocking the magnetism? Because then I just put a case of that around the tablet.

    hmmmm.... mu-metal....... mikro-metall _\m/ rockk on!

    Well, I'm putting back on my tinfoil hat and be safe ^^